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Developer Sites
DevX / Project Cool
Designing more usable web sites
The Web Developers Virtual Library
The Home Page
Web Development Resources (by SandHills)

Web Services

A Gentle Introduction to SOAP
A Busy Developers Guide to WSDL 1.1
Command Line Google
Scripting News
SOAP::Lite for Perl


Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource - Online resource for Macromedia Flash Tutorials SWF FLA images clip art Sounds WAVS Anim
Lost Marble Get Moho
Animation Factory Premium Gold Site - Animated GIFs and Clipart
friends of ED
Virtuascape Media Design Agency Projects SWFSource
Macromedia Exchange - REAdvice for scrolling-Flash movies etc
Flash Kit Tutorial - Creating a Text that uses Scrollbuttons and a Scrollbar
Flash MX Accessibility Features

State of technology

Simple DirectMedia Layer
Curl Corporation



Windows information and tips - THe site for windows annoyances
ASCII info

sound utils Windows Me-98-95 - Sound and Audio Programs


Athlon - from Jules Tech - All the information you will need is here-Overclocking-Hardware-Reviews-Files-bios updates-drivers-a Your source for Slot A-Athlon motherboard reviews and info.
AMDZone - Far and away the number one source for AMD news.
Tweak Files - Memory - MAthlon


Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
System 26 GUI Component Stockpile


WebABLE! Home Page

Microsoft Press .NET Books
Microsoft Servers - Servers Home Page
BrowserWatch-ActiveX Arena
Why CORBA and other forms of RPC are bad
Slashdot Web Services - More Secure or Less


Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition, Installation Notes
Building an Application Introduction
Java Optimization
Separating Java Hype From Reality
Open Directory - Computers Programming Languages Java Email Servers
Pooka A Java email client
Cannot find server
Creating a GUI with JFC-Swing
Java Programmers FAQ
Just Java
Java Programmers FAQ(original)


developerWorks Open source projects Working the Eclipse Platform


[9] Compression of random data (WEB, Gilbert and others)

Server Side Programming

The CGI Resource Index
SendMail (PERL/CGI mailprogram)
CDONTS (A Microsoft solution)


Nielsen Norman World Tour Tutorials Field Studies Marie Tahir and Kara Pernice Coyne
Web Design and Usability Hotlist
Usability Guidelines for Designing for Users With Disabilities Beyond ALT Text
Usability Testing 230 Tips and Tricks for a Better User Test
10 Best Intranet Designs of 2001 (Alertbox Nov. 2001) Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
Methods (Topic at Usable Web)

The Technology Network
Python Software Foundation Launched
ActiveState -- Programming for the People
New Scientist Smart buffer - Shockwave Flash File Format (SWF) Information Center


CueHack FAQ
AnandTech -- Show News
Ask Jeeves Answer Where Web Developers and Designers Learn How to Build Web Sites, Program in Java and Jav - Applets
Contact The Rigbys
UserLand Easy Content Management
Beatnik ActionSet (for Macromedia Dreamweaver) - README
snippets section - Web design, programming, and tools - The High Performance Email List Publishing Experts